About Us

Aakashdeep Education Group has been managed by Aakashdeep Shikshan Sansthan which works with commitment. The motto of ASS is ‘Asatoma Sadgamaya, Tamsoma Jyotirgamaya and it works accordingly.  Our management, Aakashdeep Shikshan Sansthan, was established on __/__/____ and has been registered with the Government of Rajasthan. with a prime aim of empowering rural students through professional training of education.  The management along-with the faculty members of our Group and the executive body of the management lead this Education Group to achieve higher level of performance by virtue of effective and efficient transaction of teaching and learning processes. 


This Institute comes as a blessing to the people of  Sikar(Rajasthan), as  well as to the global world. It not only benefits the local residents with  world- class education, it also provides a learning haven for distant  locations of India. The founders of the Institute are educationists and have   an  in- depth experience on successfully educating children in today’s world. The school aims to be   a bridge between the home and career life of the children. 
      The purpose of Aakashdeep Education Group is to prepare students with promise for higher education and lifelong learning and to enhance their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and artistic growth so that they may realize their power for good as citizens of local and world communities. We recognize that such growth is best nourished in an environment that honours and respects not only a diversity of ideas, perspectives, experiences, and traditions, but also a diversity of peoples within our community.